Art is a mental understanding of rebellion from the subconscious which defines a meaning of honesty in work

Harling Bassukarno Quotes

• Dream are imaginations when we think dreams are only sleeping flowers, but in fact dreams are akso messages from the imagination 

• The pursuit of meaning is the pursuit of an influential force in a work of art 

• Walking with time is a long journey, when we stop to rest then time will continue and will never stop •

 I dance on a canvas surrounded by angels of crazy color and dimension 

• My dream of seeing, hearing and feeling the vibrations of the imagination coming from the cold and blue stretching sea 

• I have repeatedly heard the sound of nature that merges with the roar of the waves and violent storms, I will dissolve in the belief that you have bandaged loyalty 

• I am amazed at your coolness, so I beg you to pour your calm throughout my soul and keep me in the faith and faithfulness that is in my breath 

The character possessed by the artist can be seen from the work he creates with sincerity and the strength of idealism in his soul



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