Muralist is a title for someone who works as a professional mural artist by using idealism that reflects the strong personal character of the artist through his mural work.

Harling Mural Art is a professional Indonesian muralist with the style of “Decorative Surrealism” which was formed in 2016 in Jakarta by an Indonesian artist named “Harling Bassukarno” who acts as the founder and artist who paints all of Harling Mural Art’s works. Harling Bassukarno’s goal in forming Harling Mural Art is to appreciate his own work through mural media that combines classic characters and modern characters into the mural media which makes him known as “Indonesian Mural Artists”.


Harling Mural Art is also known as Harling Bassukarno who is an Indonesian painter and mural artist. As an artist, he also thought of developing and expanding his wings to take part in the world of Indonesian mural art by establishing “Harling Mural Art” in 2016 with the concept of “Decorative Surreal” and then developing it into “Modern Decorative Murals” and “Classic Murals”.

Modern Decorative Murals and Classic Murals are small quotes or elements taken from the concept of Harling Bassukarno’s painting style (the concept of dimensions penetrating colors), by taking a few concepts that aim to make it easier for the general public to get to know the world of modern art through mural media, he also hopes his work can be understood and enjoyed by everyone. Apart from the idealism concept, he also blends with the market concept according to customer demand in making mural projects.



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